October 4, 2013


Brother-Trio The Ceremonies on Choosing Their Name From a Dictionary

Before deciding to name their post-punk band The Ceremonies, Los Angeles sibling trio Matthew, Mark and Michael Cook gave the matter a lot of thought. They rummaged through favorite books and poems but still came up with nothing. So eventually they just threw in the towel and "finally resorted to the dictionary."

"We wanted something we could stand behind and something special to us," Mark Cook tells Fuse. "I stumbled across the word 'ceremony.' It's a communal gathering where people come to experience the spectrum of human emotion, from the sadness of a funeral to the happiness of a wedding. So we thought that was all-encompassing and perfect for what we were trying to accomplish with our music."

To hear The Ceremonies talk about their influences—from The Cure to Echo & the Bunnymen to Joy Division—watch the full interview above. And definitely check out their debut EP, The Ceremonies, when it drops October 8.