October 2, 2013


The Chain Gang of 1974's Gorgeous 'Grand Theft Auto V' Track

If you're a fan of the long-running Grand Theft Auto series, you know the blockbuster video game offers fans much more than virtual opportunities to beat up hookers and pull people's teeth out while torturing them. It also gives players the chance to discover fantastic new music. 

Case in point: Kamtin Mohager's excellent indie electronic outfit The Chain Gang of 1974 have contributed "Sleepwalking" to Grand Theft Auto V. This track is a gorgeous mix of New Wave guitars and electro-pop balladry. In addition to being featured in the GTA V trailer, it's part of Radio Mirror Park, an in-game radio station hosted by real-life DJ/producer Flying Lotus

Listen to "Sleepwalking" above. And while you're waiting for The Chain Gang of 1974's second album, Daydream Forever, to drop on February 4, check out their West Coast tour dates with the Foster the People-esque artist Sir Sly.