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October 16, 2013


Cast of FXX's 'The League' Shares Guilty Pop Pleasures at Comic Con

When the cast of FXX's The League hit New York's Comic Con over the weekend, we asked the actors about their guiltiest musical pleasures. In the process, we discovered one of them is a huge pop fanatic.

 "I am the biggest pop loving person ever," Paul Scheer says, smiling but not joking. "Miley Cyrus? Don't mind it. I go deep down the pop rabbit hole. If it's a young girl singing it, I'm kinda into it. I'm not embarrassed to admit it, I'll listen to some Katy Perry."

Castmate Mark Duplass beats Scheer for most unexpected answer, though: "Something sensitive and loving by the Indigo Girls" is his guilty pop pleasure. "And I might even sing some harmonies on top of myself," Duplass says.

To find out which embarrassing song they believe the loser of their fantasy football league should be forced to sing, watch the clip above. And be sure to watch the cast of Archer answering important questions posed by classic songs at Comic Con, too.