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'Tim and Eric's' Tim Heidecker Gets (Sorta) Serious for New Track "Getaway Man"

Comedian releases absurd video with longtime collaborator Davin Wood. The earnest vocals are anything but

It’s understandable to look at an artist delving into other fields skeptically, especially if they’re known for comedy. For every great actor-turned-singer or vice versa, there’s Mariah Carey’s performance in Glitter or Paul Stanley’s art. Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric Awesome Show breaks the stereotype on “Getaway Man,” his latest pop-rock track with longtime collaborator Davin Wood.

Heidecker leads his band in playful, 1970s-era Laurel Canyon rock, recalling the feel-good, traditional pop-rock sides of Jackson Browne, Neil Young and Harry Nilsson. This being one-half of Tim and Eric, the video inverts traditional lyric videos, superimposing lyric snippets, sometimes misspelled, on top of the band’s in-the-studio performance.

Some Things Never Stay The Same, featuring Aimee Mann, Rilo Kiley’s Pierre de Reeder, and Fruit Bats’ Eric Johnson, is out November 19.

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