October 2, 2013


Steve Aoki, Afrojack Join Forces as Afroki at TomorrowWorld 2013

Los Angeles DJ/producer Steve Aoki and Dutch EDM star Afrojack are both electronic music powerhouses individually, but when we caught up with the DJs at TomorrowWorld 2013, the duo revealed that Afroki, their collaborative project, is just as strong as their individual parts. The duo debuted a new song, also called "Afroki" in Europe, but used the new U.S. festival to mark the song's domestic debut.

The group also told Fuse about their new song "No Beef." "It was more of us messing around in my studio in L.A. and playing around with songs," says Aoki. "We just accidentally came up with it. We have our own worlds that we play in front of. There's something really special when we come together. Whenever I play with him, I always leave going, 'I wish I could continue doing this more.'"

The DJs also spoke on the "No Beef" video, which involved the guys "winging it.." "We just tried to have the most fun day ever and it worked," says Afrojack.