October 2, 2013


Usher Teaches the Silkiest ABC Song Ever on 'Sesame Street'

Now that Cee Lo has taken back his chair on The Voice, Usher seems to have some free time on his hands. And lucky for us, the father of two decided to swing by Sesame Street and teach the slickest version of the ABC's we've ever heard.

Aided by Elmo, Grover, Abby and Murray, Ush demonstrates a word for each letter in the Alphabet. A is "move your arms," B is "bounce like a ball," while C is "move like a crustacean and do the crabby crawl." You get the idea.

Best of all, when tasked with teaching the letter Y, Usher just offers, "Yyyyyeah man!"

Oh, and U? That's for Usher, obviously.