November 25, 2013


Metalcore Band A Day to Remember: "Rick Ross Asked If We're Satanists"

Rick Ross has dropped guest verses in loads of hip hop, pop and R&B joints, but imagine the Teflon Don dabbling in the metal/punk world. It almost happened thanks to Florida metalcore act A Day to Remember. That is, until the MC thought the band might be bonafide satanists.

"We wrote a song and we thought it'd be cool to have Rick Ross on it, so we tried to make it happen," vocalist Jeremy McKinnon says of recording Common Courtesy, the band's fifth LP (out today, following its October 8 digital release).

"He heard the song and met a bunch of people who work with us," McKinnon says. "The first thing he asked us is, 'Are you guys satanists?' Evidently, somebody told him yes and we never heard from him again. He would have suited the song."

McKinnon adds, "Because of that, the guy who made the rap beat never got back to it. The track's just sitting around unfinished!" Hey, ask Gucci Mane—he recorded a track with Marilyn Manson!

Watch the full interview above for more on Common Courtesy and what the band love most about fan meet-and-greets.