November 3, 2013


Anamanaguchi Talk Remixing, "Fangirling" for Matt & Kim

Matt and Kim are famous for infectious indie-pop confections, but on their just-released LP Lightning Remixes the Brooklyn duo dove headfirst into EDM territory. For an ambitious chiptune rework of "Overexposed," the couple called Anamanaguchi, the quartet known for writing songs with vintage video game samples. Fuse caught up with the gamers at Voodoo Music Fest, who said the decision was a no-brainier after a chance meeting.

"When we were working on our newest album, [drummer] Luke [Silas] and I were in a little storage space," explains bassists James DeVito. "In the hallway we saw Matt and Kim! They were practicing for their tour with Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance. We fangirled at them for a long time. They're super, super nice! They're so down to the center of the earth."

DeVito adds, "We're really big Matt and Kim fans. They were working on [this project] and we got asked to do it. Obviously, we said yes."

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