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Best of Vera: Don't Mess with the Head Diva of the House

If there's one thing Big Freedia's mom claims the throne for, it's keeping it real. Don't miss the season finale of 'Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce' Wednesday at 11p/10c on Fuse!

Big Freedia's lucky enough to have two "divarish" ladies holding her down—best gal pal Katey Red and Mama Vera, whom Freedia deems "the head diva of the house."

While Miss Katey's most memorable moments feature plenty of crazy and "psycho" shenanigans, this Vera mashup spotlights the original diva shutting people down left and right. "I don't know why the hell [Freedia] sticks with Renee," she says to Melvin. "She's a slick one."

Check out Fuse's exclusive clip featuring the one and only Vera Louise Mason Ross Johnson, who's not afraid to throw you under the bus. Don't miss the finale of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce this Wednesday, Nov. 20 at 11p/10c on Fuse!

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