November 7, 2013


Boy George on Channeling Britpop Icons the Verve on New Album

Former Culture Club frontman Boy George recently released his latest album This Is What I Do and spoke to Fuse News about the songwriting process and music video for his new single "King of Everything." 

The track was inspired by Britpop icons the Verve. "When we were doing 'King of Everything,' we were trying to channel the Verve," says Boy George. "I was working with the guy who produced the Verve and said, 'Let's do something rocky with strings and very 1960s.'"

He adds, "I wrote the song in the third person, so although it's about the things I've been through, I didn't want to do an, 'Oh woe is me' self-pitying song. I know a lot of people in recovery, so I wrote it about the people that I know. It's about human frailty. It’s about anyone that messes up, which is a very human thing to do."

The track's video eschews professional actors in favor of amateurs, portrayed in various degrees of loneliness. "I just had an image of this guy," explains George. "I knew what he looked like in my head I just set out to look for someone who was filmic that had great character. Everyone in the video, we just found them. Very often, real people are the most interesting on film. You get more emotion from people who don’t act. They were all terrified."

Check out the video above to hear the singer discuss getting a new generation of fans and more.