November 11, 2013


Close Call! Chris Daughtry Recalls Flipping His Car as a Teenager

No doubt about it, Chris Daughtry's a survivor. 

After discovering music in high school, the North Carolina native later auditioned for American Idol in 2006. After finishing in fourth place, Daughtry led his self-titled rock outfit to sell more than seven million albums in America. In Fuse's latest Intimate Interview, the 33-year-old frontman reveals another unbelievable triumph.

"I flipped my car at 16," the singer recalls. "I went around a curb way too fast—me and my buddy saw the world in slow motion—I think it flipped like three or four times across a field."

Scary! But the craziest part? "We came out unscathed," adds the singer.

Watch the full interview above to hear the full story and more, including deets on the last time the singer cried. And don't miss Daughtry discussing details of his band's upcoming LP Baptized.