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November 18, 2013


Folk-Punk Singer Frank Turner's Backup Career: "History Teacher"

When Fuse caught up with British folk-punk singer Frank Turner for the latest Intimate Interview, we learned all about Turner's non-musical passion in life: History.

"I think every musician has to have a Plan B in their pocket," Turner tells Fuse. "Because even MC Hammer fell from grace. I always figured I'd be a history teacher. I'm a total history nerd and I was a really geeky academic kid when I was younger."

His answer to our, "Which dead politician would you like to meet?" question testifies to his history geekery. "I'm a massive, massive, massive Benjamin Franklin fan," Turner says. "He's one of my heroes and I reckon he'd be a killer conversation partner as well."

To hear Turner scold Americans about the difference between chips and crisps, watch the full interview above. And click  here to see Turner talk about his band tattoos.