November 20, 2013


Watch Kanye West & Katy Perry Freak Out Over David Blaine's Magic Trick

David Blaine's latest TV special Real or Magic found the excessively creepy magician wowing Kanye West, Will & Jada Pinkett Smith and Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston with a parlor trick you can witness at Coney Island any day of the week.

For Kanye & the non-British Smiths, Blaine astonished them by sticking an ice pick into his hand without leaking an ounce of blood. In other words, he had his hand pierced, let it heal for a day and then inserted an ice pick directly into the hole. (But still… where did the lighter fluid come from?)

As you can see in the clip above, Jada Pinkett Smith is totally floored and even shrieks when Blaine has the Fresh Prince pull the ice pick out of his hand. Hey, if you believe in Dianetics, you can probably accept the idea of a real-life wizard.

Kanye's response is more muted—it's hard to tell if he's genuinely amazed or just smiling politely. But then again, Yeezy isn't really known for being a people pleaser, so he's probably at least wowed by the trick.

Blaine also updated the rabbit-out-of-a-hat trick by yanking a lengthy lizard out of Katy Perry's purse. Katy, however, is clearly aware that magic isn't real and mostly jokes her way through the trick. Watch that below.