November 13, 2013


Rob Thomas Reveals Sailing Phobias Ahead of Matchbox Twenty Cruise

This year hasn't been good for the cruise ship business—two words: sh-t cruise. But Matchbox Twenty is pushing ahead with their three-day Sail the Seas With Matchbox Twenty voyage in December, and frontman Rob Thomas is planning ahead.

"I was pretty scared of luxury liners on vacation," the Grammy winner admits of a recent trip. "As soon as it left port, I would start having a panic attack." 

The singer adds, "You start seeing [news] about ships turning upside down, the bathroom's not working. We're just trying to figure out an escape clause. If something happens, I'm not going to be rude, but screw everyone else on that boat. I'm getting a helicopter, getting out of there and we're going to move on with our lives. We'll send them well wishes... as we're driving away."

Watch the full interview above for more on the cruise. Plus, don't miss Thomas reminiscing about his hit Santana collabo "Smooth" right here.