November 11, 2013


Miley Cyrus Promotes 'Bangerz' Tour in 30 Seconds of All-Out Rachetness

Hey, if you like Miley Cyrus' recent string of antics, it looks like you'll really enjoy her upcoming Bangerz tour. In a new video posted by Live Nation (above), the singer promotes the trek in a mish-mash of typical Miley messiness.

In the clip, "the most talked about artist on the planet" (Live Nation's words, not ours) poses and dances with a crew that includes a two poodles, a troupe of twerking females and a life-sized foam finger mascot. Her Britney Spears collabo "SMS (Bangerz)" plays in the background as an announcer details ticket info.

We can only imagine what the actual tour will look like. Bring it on, Miley.