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Queens of the Stone Age Drop Eerie, Interactive "Vampyre" Video

Toothy pianos, taxidermy animals and witchy women occupy the haunting clip for "The Vampyre of Time and Memory"

A few months after compiling five …Like Clockwork music videos into one creepy ass cartoon, Queens of the Stone Age are back with an interactive video for "The Vampyre of Time and Memory."

The video for this subdued piano ballad is a haunting, strange journey that you can experience for yourself exclusively at this website. If you're not into the choose-your-own-adventure thing (or have a slow computer), the clip's directors edited together the main visual themes of the video into a non-interactive YouTube video that you can watch above.

Featuring witchy women who look like a cross between Rocky Horror Picture Show and 1920s New Orleans, a Venus flytrap and QOTSA performing amid taxidermy animals, this is an especially eerie video. Particularly the segment where a leopard-skinned grand piano yawns open to reveal a row of teeth and a dead body inside.

Watch it above or check out the interactive version from the Creators Project right here.

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