November 6, 2013


7 Days of Funk's "Faden Away" Video: How Snoop Got His Groove Back

After a less than advisable reggae foray (it wasn't bad, but be honest, you're never listening to that album again), Snoop Lion rechristened himself Snoopzilla and joined producer Dam-Funk to create the duo 7 Days of Funk.

Unsurprisingly, 7 Days of Funk specialize in funk. But the lovely surprise is that Snoop—err, excuse me, Snoopzilla—sounds energized and at home with this material even more than his recent hip hop work.

The just-dropped video for their "Faden Away" song is sheer, funky pleasure. Snoopzilla's hair looks like Dave Chappelle in his Rick James wig and the grainy, warm quality of the cinematography recalls the pre-digital era. And for some reason, this clip ends with "to be continued," even though it doesn't really boast a plot in the first place.

But who cares? Snoop is having fun making music again and it sounds great. Watch the video above.