November 27, 2013


H. Jon Benjamin & Jon Glaser Play Aging Hipsters in "Void" Video

A key band in the Chapel Hill, NC, indie music explosion in the '90s, Superchunk reunited with a vengeance in 2010. Since then, they've released two albums that demonstrate their punk-influenced power-pop attack is as propulsive as it ever was. 

Superchunk are specialists at sounding forever young. But given that they've been rocking since the days of fax machines and pagers, they're also specialists in the realm of middle-aged people navigating the mostly young concert scene. 

That awkward disparity is the subject of "Void," a video for their recent I Hate Music album. The "Void" vid features alt-comedians-turned-TV-stars such as Jon Glaser (Delocated, Parks & Recreation) and H. Jon Benjamin (Bob's Burgers, Archer). Superchunk's drummer—an indie comedy all-star in his own right thanks to his endlessly imaginative radio sketches on Tom Scharpling's Best Show—also acts in the video as an aging hipster trying to get his groove back in a venue that's "condemned, but only on the weekdays."

Between accosting baristas, asking each other things like, "Pretty great show, right?" and getting weird looks from the college set, it's a subtly hilarious video. Plus, the song seriously rocks. Watch it above and check out Superchunk's I Hate Music if you haven't.