November 3, 2013


Watch He's My Brother She's My Sister Flaunt Tap Dancing Skills

When Fuse taught up with genre-melding indie folk outfit He's My Brother She's My Sister at Voodoo Fest 2013, the Los Angeles band told us how their mind-boggling "Same Old Ground" video came together.

"We threw it together last minute," singer/guitarist Rob Kolar admits. "We were like, 'We need a concept!' Okay, so Rachel [Kolar, his sister, who handles vocals and percussion] is Alice in Wonderland. She's running from her fears, then she enters a weird frozen world—"

"We slapped it together," tap-dancing drummer Lauren Brown interjects, laughing.

"Yeah, and at the end it turns into a wild, rampaging party, like our shows," Rob says. "People are stiff, curious at first, and by the end they're throwing their clothes around."

As for the drummer's tap-dancing skills, Fuse's Yasmine Richard got Lauren Brown to show off some of her slick moves. To see her feet in action, watch the video above. And check out hot photos from Voodoo 2013 right here.