November 2, 2013


Allen Stone Talks Nursing Home Roots at Voodoo Music Fest

Inspiration can come from myriad sources. As soul singer Allen Stone explains at Voodoo Music Festival, playing in nursing homes growing up inspired him to continue on a musical path. 

"I grew up singing with my family and we would go into nursing homes and sing for old folk," says Stone. "There's a spirit and a life when you see old folks that are happy and still enjoying life. That to me was the epitome of celebration. It 's a little making fun of the culture of what's cool and hip."

Stone also shared plans for his eventual new album. "We've been touring this last record for two-and-a-half years now," says the singer. "It's time for me to write some more songs. It's hard to write on the road and record on the road if you want to do it real with live instrumentation and not computers."

Check out the video above to also see which blues rocker at Voodoo Stone would most like to collaborate with.