November 3, 2013


Youngblood Hawke's New Single to Feature a "New Direction"

After being on the road for an entire year, Youngblood Hawke confirms that Voodoo Music Experience will be their final announced performance, at least for a while.

"We're ready to spend a little bit more time at home rather than just a day to do laundry. We want to see our families," says Alice Katz. But she assures Fuse that, despite the group's upcoming downtime, fans can expect a new single very, very soon.

"It's a new kind of sound for us—it's the middle point of a new direction," says frontman Sam Martin. "We just wrote it, and we're really proud of it. We could've picked something from the album, but we wanted to get something new out there."

Youngblood Hawke also revealed details about their fan cover contest and cooking fancy avocado dishes with Iron Chef badass Cat Cora. Check out the full interview above.