November 2, 2013


ZZ Ward Once Saved Lou Reed's Dog

Lou Reed's death last weekend touched countless musicians, but blues-rock singer ZZ Ward had a more personal connection to the Velvet Underground frontman than most. At Voodoo Music Festival, the singer recalled an experience she had with Reed in Mexico and how she ended up being a life-saver.

"I was in Mexico on vacation and they had a border terrier with them. That's the dog that i have now. I'm such a dog person; I was talking to Lou and i didn't know it was him. I knew of him and i knew his music, but i didn't know what he looked like. Their dog ended up running away from him on the beach. I put down my margarita, raced after him and jumped into the ocean and carried him back."

The singer also discussed a possible follow-up to her debut album Til the Casket Drops. "I need to write," says Ward. "I've been working so hard on promoting this record. My life has changed in so many ways from when I wrote the last record. I wasn't touring. I was hibernating in a writing state of mind. I'm always touring now. I'm in the back of a tour bus most of the time. So I'm writing when I can. I can't wait to see what's to come with my writing. It's different. I have to find my balance."

Check out the interview above to also hear how Ward looked to YouTube for Halloween makeup tips and how she linked with Neiman Marcus on a new campaign.