December 19, 2013


Exclusive: Beartooth Takes You Behind the Scenes of "Go Be the Voice" Video

Beartooth recently released the video for their latest single, "Go Be The Voice," and now they're giving us a chance to go behind the scenes and see how it was made. Check out Fuse's exclusive premiere of the behind-the-scenes clip above. 

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The Columbus, OH metalcore act–fronted by former Attack Attack! singer Caleb Shomo–recorded a live performance video that's interrupted by juxtaposed shots of a live alligator with model/actress Lavinia Postolache. "It's kind of an abstract piece," explains director Djay Brawner. "They're kind of the dichotomy between power and beauty."

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It's especially cool to see how Brawner and his cohorts captured the bits with the live gator, and get Postolache's reaction to shooting in pretty close proximity with said ferocious animal. The director and singer also detail the ideology behind the clip's visuals. 

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"Go Be the Voice" is a thrashy cut from Beartooth's new four-song EP, Sick, which is currently available via Red Bull Records. The band is set to release its debut full-length in early 2014.