December 11, 2013


K-Pop Boy Band Infinite Say International Fans "All Feel the Same Connection to Music"

K-pop boy band Infinite made inroads in America after wrapping four U.S. dates on their world tour, joining the ranks of the elite Korean acts like BIGBANGWonder Girls and 2NE1 who've all performed stateside. Before their New York City show, the guys met up with Fuse at Madison Square Garden to chat about their global experiences.

"We haven't had much opportunity to perform for our fans in other countries," begins the band's leader Sunggyu. "We wanted to show our stage performance outside of Korea."

Rapper Hoya adds, "This tour has been much more successful than we expected and, for us, it's been incredibly fun."

Despite some language barriers between them and international fans, the band says it connects with their audience.

Member Dongwoo says, "They all call out our names and follow along with our songs. I don't think there's a large difference [between fans throughout the world]." Sunggyu sums that sentiment up nicely, adding, "Korean fans know Korean. American fans know English. Thai fans know Thai. But don't they all feel the same connection to music? Even if their languages are different."

Watch the full interview above to hear the boys share English and Chinese phrases learned on the road. Then peep their latest video "Destiny" below (filmed at California's Universal Studios!) and listen to Infinite in Fuse's K-pop holiday song playlist here.