December 19, 2013


Justin Bieber & Tyga Escape to M.C. Escher's Crib in "Wait for a Minute" Video

In the video for Tyga and Justin Bieber's excellent make-out jam "Wait for a Minute," the Canadian pop star and Compton rapper try to escape the paparazzi (with lovely ladies in tow, duh) by navigating a fellow M.C.'s house. No, it's not a rapper's crib, but rather the infamous digs of middle-school math's most-buzzed about celebrity, M.C. Escher (you know, the guy behind the famous twisty stair drawings that could never exist in the real world).

Thankfully for JB and T-Raww, music videos aren't real life, so they're able to run around Escher's crib while their finger snap-heavy collabo plays out. And for something even more mind-boggling than Escher-inspired visuals, check out our gallery of Justin Bieber Going Shirtless in 2013.