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January 1, 2014


Exclusive: Close Your Eyes Moshes Like Crazy and Destroys Everything in "The End" Video

Close Your Eyes replaced more lead singers during the summer of 2012 alone than many prominent bands will have to replace throughout their entire careers. After losing founding member Shane Raymond in February of that year (and having to cancel a full U.S. tour, to boot), the band recruited Miss Fortune singer Mike Sawyer...who promptly left the band only two months later

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But the Abilene, TX-based melodic punk/hardcore sextet is on solid ground now. They joined forces with London native Sam Robinson (who previously sung in Blessed By A Broken Heart) and hit the studio to record their third full-length album for Victory Records with Cameron Webb (Alkaline Trio, Silverstein). 

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The group emerged with Line In the Sand, which was released on October 29 via Victory, and fans were pleased to hear that Robinson was a natural fit for Close Your Eyes. The English singer brings a set of versatile skills to the table–as you can hear in the video for "The End" above–helping the band transition between radio-friendly hard rock and Comeback Kid-esque double-time punk seamlessly.

On "The End," Close Your Eyes is joined by Zoli Téglás (frontman for Ignite and ex-Pennywise vocalist) in one of the fastest-paced tracks from Line In the Sand. The group shows off its aggressive traits on the song, supported by Robinson's melodic vocals, bassist Sonny Vega's backup screams and drummer Jordan Hatfield's consistent force behind the kit.

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Throughout the video, the group lights things on fire, destroys cinder blocks, causes a general ruckus in public and plays the song accompanied by a crowd that offers up a chaotic mosh pit. Seems about right considering how much this song rips.

Keep up with Close Your Eyes on Twitter and buy Line In the Sand via iTunes.