December 11, 2013


Exclusive: Less Than Jake Recruit Friends for "My Money Is on the Long Shot" Video

Touring bands, especially those that regularly join the annual nationwide summer party that is the Vans Warped Tour, tend to make a ton of friends—they'd have to be intensely anti-social not to. But what about a band that have been on the road for nearly 21 years? Yeah... that's a lot of friends.

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Such is the case with ska-punk forefathers Less Than Jake, who put out a Bat-Signal of sorts to people they've met over the past two decades to star in their new music video for "My Money Is On the Long Shot." The end result—premiered exclusively on, above—shows the Gainesville, FL-based quintet and their close friends goofing off and singing along to the track from LTJ's critically acclaimed ninth studio full-length, See The Light. And the video's guest list is basically a who's who of bands from the Warped Tour circuit, past and present. 

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Members of NOFX, All Time Low, Goldfinger, Big D and The Kids Table, New Found Glory, The Wonder Years, Mixtapes, Falling In Reverse, The Swellers, Reel Big Fish and many, many more all appear. 

"We asked our friends to sneak away from their real lives for a half-hour and record themselves in a way that brought out their personalities," drummer Vinnie Fiorello tells Fuse. "In the end, everyone totally exceeded the expectations."

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The five members of Less Than Jake—vocalist/bassist Roger Manganelli, drummer/lyricist Vinnie Fiorello, vocalist/guitarist Chris DeMakes, trombonist Buddy Schaub and saxophonist J.R. Wasilewski—all appear, in that order, at the beginning of the clip. They're truly in their natural habitat—Manganelli is in front of his enormous PEZ dispenser collection; Fiorello is in the headquarters of his indie label, Paper + Plastick Records; DeMakes shows up in a variety of crazy situations; Schaub is among his Simpsons bobble heads; and Wasilewski reps for the home team in a University of Florida sweater. 

With a homemade vibe and many familiar faces, it's a feel-good video that (fair warning) will have you smiling ear to ear. Here's to another 21 years, Less Than Jake!

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