We Came As Romans Get In Your Face With "Never Let Me Go" Video

Given the sizable fanbase that We Came as Romans has built with their metalcore sound, many were surprised when the band departed from that formula for their third full-length album, Tracing Back Roots. Exhibit A: The exclusive video premiere of album highlight "Never Let Me Go" above. 

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Roots, which dropped over the summer via indie powerhouse Equal Vision Records, still retains a -core backbone, but amps up the role of clean vocalist Kyle Pavone. It's a more melodic venture, but one that still packs a powerful punch.

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Pavone, his fellow vocalist David Stephens, guitarists Joshua Moore and Lou Cotton, bassist Andy Glass and drummer Eric Choi find themselves performing the song in an abandoned mansion. The crashing nature of the video's filmography ties in nicely with Choi's pounding rhythm on the track.

The video reunites the band with director Dan Dobi, who helmed the band's 2010 clip for "To Move On Is To Grow." "It's so great and so much fun to film performance-based music videos - especially with Dan," says Stephens. "We really enjoyed the process and are so pleased with how it all turned out!"

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"This song, lyrically, is about co-dependence, having someone you know you can always count on, and, in turn, being there for them as well," says Moore. "This song's a little different for us too, with lyrics that are slightly less broad than many of our other songs."

While most of "Never Let Me Go" employs both vocalists singing a clean style, with the priority on a catchy melody, the song's bridge sees Stephens explode into guttural screams. 

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