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December 3, 2013


A Night Out with Rising New York Hip Hop Crew Ratking

Like the Beastie Boys before them, Ratking are a rap crew informed by two unique influences: Hardcore punk and the city they call home, New York.

For the latest Fuse Follows, we tagged along with the crew Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg calls "one of the dopest groups coming out of New York right now" as they prepped for a show at SOB's in the South Village.

Prior to their set, we sat in their windowless, graffiti-covered practice space and learned about their upcoming debut album. 

"Our album is done, but we're going through sample clearances, so it might take a while to put out," group leader Wiki tells Fuse. "But I think it sounds dope as f-ck. So no matter when it comes out, I'm excited."

Although they're not shy when extolling the quality of their music, they're incredibly down to earth and DIY. In the video above, you can see them carrying their own gear on the subway and into the venue. And the only pre-show ritual they have is fairly laid-back. "I try to have some tea," Hak tells Fuse.

Watch the video above for a peek at the rising New York crew—Wiki, Hak, Sporting Life and World's Fair—before they break. 

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