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December 18, 2013


Sevyn Streeter on Writing With Chris Brown: "We Clowned the Whole Time"

After notching some serious songwriting credits—Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande and Kelly RowlandFuse Favorite Sevyn Streeter dropped Call Me Crazy, But…, her debut EP, last week. And when the breakthrough R&B singer sat down with Fuse's Esteban Serrano, she revealed how co-writing tunes with Chris Brown changed her approach to songwriting.

"The way it normally goes is that we'll pull up a beat and I'll go in and lay some melodies. Sometimes it sounds like a bunch of mumbling," Streeter says of working with Breezy. "We'll just throw words at each other and build a song as we go."

According to Streeter, working with Brown was as much fun as work. "We clowned the whole time and I picked up gems and jewels from him along the way. That was the first time I ever worked like that, and I learned a lot from him and carried it into my own EP."

Watch the full interview above for more of Brown's recording tips for Sevyn, including why he would prevent her from doing endless takes on the same vocal.