Paramore: 2013 Was "Really Emotional in the Happiest Way"

Paramore: 2013 Was "Really Emotional in the Happiest Way"

2013 was quite the year for Paramore, so when we caught up with the band at Z100's Jingle Ball we couldn't wait to hear all about it from the horses' mouth!

Unlike our more jovial Ball interviews, such as Fall Out Boy's adventures with Victoria's Secret models, Paramore were a bit more emotional—although they brought out the goofball at the end.

This year marked a new chapter for the gang from Tennessee. They released their first album minus founding members, Josh and Zac Farro, in April and took on the world with some chart burning singles. 

The year of Paramore culminated in their first ever Madison Square Gardens headlining gig last month.

Speaking to frontwoman Hayley Williams, Taylor York and a cardboard cutout of bassist Jeremy Davis, Hayley let us in on how it felt to be Paramore in 2013:

"This whole year has been insane for us. It's been really emotional in the happiest way.

"The whole process brought us closer. And that's been the biggest win of all. Realizing that we went from a weird place as a band to being stronger than ever."

But what were their thoughts on the other big name in 2013?  One Miley Cyrus? (Well, we should say one of the other big names in 2013 as there were a number—just ask Travie McCoy, who told us he would vote for Pharrell in a heartbeat.) 

Hayley noted that Miley Cyrus' infamous VMAs performance was when "everything came to a hault. A—grinding—hault."

Nice zing, H! And we—like the rest of the world—can't wait to find out what Paramore's 2014 will hold!