December 24, 2013


Sky Ferreira & Ariel Pink Team Up to Deliver "My Molly" Video

Good news for those suffering from holiday music overload. Sky Ferreira and Ariel Pink have unleashed a crunchy, catchy collabo called "My Molly" just in time to ease your Christmas Eve ennui.

Longtime fans of the prolific indie singer-songwriter will know this isn't a new track—he previously recorded it in 1998 as the age of 19 and released it years later on the limited-edition My Molly EP. Now Pink has teamed with the most talked-about indie star of 2013 to produce a full-bodied, Siouxsie Sioux-esque version of his lo-fi tune.

For bonus fun, they made a video for their collaboration. While Sky looks good in her fishnet mall-goth wear, Pink outdoes her with a pair boxers worn over bright red overalls. Williamsburg fashion trend alert?

Watch "My Molly" above. Given how at-ease she sounds handling his songs, let's hope this isn't the last we see of them together.