December 16, 2013


Timbaland, Jay Z & Drake Drop Mysterious "Know Bout Me" Video

A few weeks ago, we got a taste of Timbaland's upcoming solo album Textbook Timbo with the uber-cocky brag track "Know Bout Me." It featured Jay Z comparing himself to Walt Disney, Drake saying he would already have diamond album sales if he debuted 10 years ago and James Fauntleroy (Timberlake & Rihanna songwriter) contributing his heavenly vocals.

Now Timb has dropped a mysterious lyric video for "Know Bout Me," which features a hooded woman in a leather vest searching through an abandoned building for one particular book. Watch the video above and pay special attention to her awesome boots.

Spoiler alert: The book she's looking for is a hardcover with the words "T. Mosley" on the front (Timb's real name is Timothy Mosley). So I guess Timbaland is writing a book available exclusively in an abandoned building near you, i.e., Borders.