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December 4, 2013


Travie McCoy Thought Aliens Only Abducted Guys Named "Travis" As a Kid

When Fuse sat down with Travie McCoy for a series of less-than-serious hypothetical questions, we learned about the Gym Class Heroes frontman's bizarre fear as a young boy: Being abducted by aliens because he was named Travis.

"I'm petrified of aliens. The whole concept," McCoy tells Fuse. "What really freaked me out was that I saw Fire in the Sky when I was young. The guy that got abducted—D.B. Sweeney was the actor—his name was Travis. I thought aliens were only abducting people named Travis and it scared the sh-t out of me. From that point on I've been anti-alien. I like to think they don't exist."

When we asked McCoy if he'd ever like to switch places with another musician for a day, he offered us this well-considered response: "I'd probably be Prince the day he shot the sex scene with Apollonia [for the Purple Rain movie]," he says, laughing.

To find out why he'd like to visit the Smurfs' village, watch Travie McCoy answering hypothetical questions above.