December 4, 2013


Exclusive Premiere: Watch Citizen's Hazy Video for "How Does It Feel?"

Toledo, OH quartet Citizen set the bar high for 2013 emo releases with Youth this past June, a gold standard bolstered by the band's roaring performances during their summer-long stint on the Vans Warped Tour. The LP shot the band into the spotlight, thanks to praise from fans and critics alike for its dynamic blend of emo, grunge and punk. Now Fuse is excited to exclusively premiere the music video for one of the album's best tracks, the slow and brooding "How Does It Feel?" Watch above! 

Season 2 of Warped Roadies premieres tonight at 11/10C on Fuse!

"How Does It Feel?" is one of the slowest tracks on Youth, which as an album is predominantly built from aggressive vocals and fuzzy guitars. This track, though, highlights the tender side of frontman Mat Kerekes' vocals and chiming, reverb-drenched guitars.

The video, directed by Rob Soucy (Alkaline Trio, Man Overboard), brings the somber track to life. Shot in a foggy forest in Kerekes' backyard, the clip lulls on obscured visuals of trees as band members disappear into fog and smoke. 

With their variety of influences, from Nirvana's grunge to Brand New's genre-defining emo, Citizen have made a name for themselves beyond the Warped Tour community. One of the most popular albums to come out via indie powerhouse Run For Cover Records, Youth debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart this summer. Guitarist Nick Hamm told Fuse that the album and its reception have given Citizen new motivation. 

"We really had no experience making a cohesive record," Hamm said. "Our past releases were essentially just a bunch of songs thrown together. Youth kind of helped us gain a vision of where we want to go as a band."

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