January 22, 2014


K-Pop Singer/Rapper Jay Park Talks Upcoming Album & English Mixtape

Jay Park is a rare breed of K-pop star. Not only can the 26 year old sing, rap, act and B-Boy, but the Seattle-bred performer was once banished from South Korea only to return as a critically-acclaimed solo act. He doesn't plan to slow down in 2014, revealing his future music plans to Fuse News host Liz Walaszczyk when she was in South Korea for FUSE LOVES SEOUL: From K-Pop to Hip Hop.

"I'm working on my second album in Korean and I'm working on a mixtape in English," he reveals. "I have 100% creative control and it's rare. It's very rare. 

"It's much more strict here. You can't do a lot of things that people get away with in the States. Even lyric-wise, you can't say certain things or you'll get banned or blacklisted... I enjoy taking risks, it makes life more fun. I'm very ambitious, I work very hard. It's just very fun right now."

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Watch the full interview above to find out which U.S. hip hop stars he's dying to work with and check out other exclusive interviews on Drunken Tiger, 2NE1, BIGBANG and more. And don't miss fellow Korean rap stars Epik High on Fuse News tonight at 7:30/6:30C.

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