January 31, 2014


J.Lo Returns to the Block, Gets Back on the 6 in "Same Girl" Video

In case you forgot "Jenny From the Block," Jennifer Lopez really wants you to know she's still that same chick from the Bronx. Twelve years after releasing her signature track, she's proving it again by strutting around her old 'hood in the "Same Girl" video.

Over a head-bobbing, hip-hop/pop beat, Lopez declares, "I'm on the same ground / No, I never changed / I'm loving every day / I know that I'm the same Jenny from around the block." She spends the vid peacocking around the Bronx, and at one point even hops on the NYC 6 Train in a nod to her debut album, On the 6 (the 6 is the subway line Lopez used to ride during her pre-fame years). Plus, at one point, an elderly passerby shouts "Jenny from the block!" She really is the same girl, ya'll!

On January 14, J.Lo explained to Ryan Seacrest that "Same Girl" is a single to hold supporters over until her upcoming album happens. "This was just something I was doing for the fans," she said. "It's not a first single or anything like that."

Watch it above.