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One Direction Unleash Bad Boy Side in "Midnight Memories" Video

Well, they're not evil: Just as bad as the world's most beloved boy band is going to get at this point

Listening to One Direction's new single "Midnight Memories," one hears a rockier, grittier production and the boys almost dropping a swear word ("People talk shhhh / But we don't listen," they sing). So how does the world's most adored pop act put that edge into a music video? They unleash their bad boy side onto an unsuspecting world. Well, kinda.

Watch the video above to see the guys get as crazy as we're probably ever going to see them—unless they have their Sgt. Pepper moment soon. The boys eat really spicy kabobs, flirt with old ladies on mopeds and at one point even (get ready for it, Directioners) steal a police patrol boat!

"Midnight Memories" is the third single off 1D's platinum album of the same name. Find out the LP's 10 most swoon-worthy lyrics here.

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