November 17, 2014


Check Out One Direction's Adorable 'Sesame Street' Song in Full

UPDATE (11/17): On the same day of the drop of their new album FOUROne Direction revealed yet another new song with "What Makes U Useful," recorded for Sesame Street. The adorable track is a new version of 1D hit "What Makes You Beautiful" dedicated to the letter "U."

Check it out above (along with a dance party with the Sesame Street cast) and don't miss the Top 10 lovelorn lyrics on 1D's new album right here.

Original Story: Since their 2010 formation, One Direction have spent a majority of their career serenading arenas packed full of screaming, crying fans. But for an upcoming episode of Sesame Street, one very special character gets an entire song dedicated to them... the letter "U"!

Watch a preview of the boys transforming their debut single "What Makes You Beautiful" into "What Makes 'U' Useful." As Louis informs the kiddies watching (i.e. teenage and 20-somethings), "'U' starts 'uh' and 'ugh, ugh!' 'U' starts 'udon,' there's some in this cup."

Quite useful.

With 1D's preferences for women ranging from adorable Little Mix member Perrie Edwards  (Zayne's fiance!) to Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner (Harry's alleged past flame), it looks like the guys have finally found someone they all agree is simply smashing.

One Direction's cover follows Usher's October Sesame Street visit where he churned out what must be the smoothest rendition of the Alphabet Song we've ever heard.