January 30, 2014


The Fray: "'Helios' Is Much Brighter Than Our Last Album"

With just days to go before The Fray perform Fuse Live: The Fray Presented by TaxSlayer.com, we caught up with the Denver rockers and found out what we can expect from their upcoming fourth album Helios.

"Helios is lot brighter than [our last album] Scars and Stories. With this one, it was purposeful: Let's change everything. How we're writing it, how we're recording it," guitarist Joe King says. "The last one, Scars and Stories, was a dark time for us. But with this record, we're having babies, I'm getting married—there's great things happening in life. We came out of that period of time and now we can breathe again."

In the video above, frontman Isaac Slade also explains how playing old songs can occasionally be uncomfortable. "Some songs are hard," Slade admits. "They're like an old jacket that doesn’t fit."

Keep an eye out for their upcoming fourth album, Helios, to drop on February 25. But before Helios hits, the Fray are rocking Fuse studios live and commercial-free on February 3! Watch Fuse Live: The Fray Presented by TaxSlayer.com this Monday at 8p/7c via this live stream or on Fuse's cable channel (use our Channel Finder to locate Fuse in your area).

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