February 12, 2014


A Great Big World: "We Believe in Aliens"

A Great Big World have been making waves with their Christina Aguilera-assisted hit, "Say Something," but were you aware of the duo's belief in extraterrestrial life? One of their friends is, apparently, an alien himself.

"He doesn't have a phone, he doesn't have a computer. He talks about humans like he's not a part of it," Ian Axel explains. Chad Vaccarino, who's equally as convinced about their buddy's alien status, adds, "He claims that he comes from another star system."

But if/when said aliens ever do take over the world, A Great Big World just hope that they're still allowed to play music—even as the aliens' servants. Check out the exclusive interview above, and watch Top 20 Countdown every Tuesday at 9/8C on Fuse!