February 11, 2014


The Crystal Method Talk Scoring Fox's 'Almost Human'

The Crystal Method are more than just one of electronic music's long-running, most successful duos: They're also TV and movie composers. Fuse News recently sat down with the Crystal Method to discuss creating mood music for Fox's sci-fi crime drama, Almost Human.

"You want to lead the audience," Crystal Method's Ken Jordan tells Fuse News. "You want the music to support what's going on, but you don't want to foreshadow anything that's going to happen. You want the action on the screen to foreshadow what's going to happen. So generally, the music reacts to the visual in film and television."

Almost Human's creator and executive producer, Joel Wyman, tells Fuse he got the right men for the job with Crystal Method: "I need somebody that's going to bring across certain ideas and feelings that I want to get across, and they're going to help enhance that."

To discover more about the fascinating process, watch the full interview on Wednesday night's Fuse News at 7:30/6:30C. Find out where Fuse airs in your area with our easy-to-use Channel Finder.