February 7, 2014


Annie Releases Pro-LGBT Anthem "Russian Kiss" as Olympics Begin

Hey Sochi, you listening? 

In the midst of heated scrutiny over Russia's ban against "gay propaganda," Norwegian pop star Annie (along with NYC-based Norwegian painter/sculptor Bjarne Melgaard) released a big "eff you" to Putin, dropping a pro-LGBT anthem "Russian Kiss" on the opening day of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Over a killer electro-dance beat—think Britney Spears plus heavy '80s synths—the indie darling hauntingly coos, "So you love for the lovers? The Others? / The fighters? Outsiders? / People like you? / Shake a fist for the Russian kiss!" 

The Russian kiss refers to making out with whoever you want, according to the accompanying visual. Watch below as the adorable singer/songwriter sings the rallying cry amid a sea of happy, proud same-sex couples.

Funny... that message is quite similar to Russia's most famous musical export from the '00s: Faux lesbian pop duo t.A.T.u., who will perform at the opening ceremonies today.

Buy the song on iTunes and a portion of the proceeds will go to allout.org.