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February 20, 2014


Throwback Thursday: B.o.B Walks Fuse Thru His 6th Grade Pics

On the debut episode of Fuse's new digital series BackatchaB.o.B walks Fuse through a few pictures of his sixth-grade self for a little Throwback Thursday fun.

Showing us a pic of young Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. on a school field trip, the Atlanta rapper tells us what was going on in his head at the time. "I think I'm the fastest kid on the playground. And I think I'm swollen, because I got my sleeves rolled up like I got muscles," B.o.B says, laughing. "It's so ironic, because whatever I have written on my arm [in the picture] is like my tattoo now. It's like, you really are the same person you are when you were a kid. That was back when life was simple. Going outside was the high point of your day."

In addition to showing us a pic of lil B.o.B mean-mugging with his middle school basketball squad, he also takes a look at a photo from the day he got signed. "I look like a kid!" he says. "Like, was I twelve?" Check out the full video above to glimpse the pics.

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