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February 28, 2014


Beyonce's "Partition" or Katy's "Dark Horse": Whose Style Is Better?

As two of the biggest divas in pop music, Katy Perry and Beyonce's styles are considered appropriate dinner conversation. With two high-budget videos to accompany their latest singles, Glam or Sham host Katie Van Buren took to the streets to find out which star played the better fashion game.

First up, we analyze Perry's "Dark Horse" vidrecently under fire for a controversial scene where a symbol for Allah is zapped away—where the pop star turns into Katy Patra, the uber-fashionable Queen of Memphis, Egypt. One of our man-on-the-street guests thinks Katy's homage to history's earliest style icon is "more like a Nicki Minaj thing to wear," but adds that "it also suits her." Another guest decides "she looks like Tokyo's version of Cleopatra. I don't like it."

Meanwhile, Beyonce's sexy "Partition" video has been making tongues wag since its broadcast premiere on Fuse on Tuesday. Someone we spoke with thinks "it doesn't look appropriate for a mom," but one impressed dude admitted, "If I saw this in person, I don't know what I would do with myself... I can't say on camera."

Mariah Carey won last week's Glam or Sham battle over Nicki Minaj. Now we want to know if Bey or Katy styled themselves better in our new fashion face-off. Vote below!

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Who Brought Their A-Game Better Style-Wise?

Beyonce in "Partition"
Katy Perry in "Dark Horse"
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