February 27, 2014


Why Cody Simpson Couldn't Keep Dating a Real Housewife's Daughter Secret

UPDATE: Watch the full Cody Simpson interview above now

With thousands of fans swooning over his every move, Cody Simpson could have alienated a core group of supporters—and crushed the dreams of young fans everywhere—by going public with his relationship. But the 17-year-old tells Fuse News why he couldn't keep his girlfriend of eight months—model GiGi Hadid, daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster—private any longer.

"I recently got involved in my first serious relationship. It was something that seriously meant a lot to me," the Surfers Paradise singer began. "Almost too much to really keep it a secret."

The Aussie hunk admits he was anxious about the public's response—but out of concern for his lady. "My girlfriend is the sweetest girl," he says. "I was kind of nervous at first to see how people would react to the fact that we were together.

"From what I've seen, the majority of the fans are very supportive of me. If she makes me happy, then my fans are happy, so it's a good thing." Awww. Good work, Angels!

Simpson adds that his relationship is inspiring new music. "The songs I work on, in general, are usually reflective on what's important in my life at the time," he says. "With how important the relationship is in my life, I wrote a lot about experiences that I have had with her and girls in general." No wonder his new single is simply titled "Love" (below).

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