February 25, 2014


Danny Brown Talks Sleigh Bells, Arcade Fire While Walking Around New York

When Danny Brown landed at New York's LaGuardia Airport back in November ready to play two shows with Sleigh Bells, it was the Florida duo that was on his mind. "I'm more excited to see them play," he said with a squeaky giggle, before taking off into the city.

Fuse follows him around Manhattan as he eats pizza, stops for photos on the street with adoring fans and performs "Dope Song" on the radio station WNYC. While backstage at Terminal 5, he discusses the state of collaborations in the rap world, comparing the process to welfare. But Brown remains unconcerned: "I live in my own world, but I don't feel like my competition is just rappers. I wanna make an album better than Arcade Fire's new album."

Watch the video above to glimpse Danny's NYC trip.