February 17, 2014


Which Icona Pop Singer Would Switch Bodies With Hulk Hogan?

In real life, the Icona Pop ladies are best friends—the dance-pop duo told us about their bond at SXSW 2013—but if they were to switch bodies with anyone in the world for a day, they'd make one seriously odd couple.

"I would want to switch with Hulk Hogan," says Aino Jawo in the debut episode of Fuse's new digital series Hypothetically. "First, I want to know how it feels to pee when you're a guy. And how it feels to have sex. But also, imagine being in that big body... and to be blonde!" 

Meanwhile, Icona Pop's resident redhead Caroline Hjelt would opt for a pop icon. "I would be Cher," she says. "She's been doing so much great stuff and to still get out there and be doing the moves. I would like to know what it feels like to be Cher."

Watch the full interview above to find out if they'd stop making music for $20 million dollars, what track the girls wouldn't mind hearing on repeat for the rest of their lives and other hypothetical questions.

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