February 17, 2014


Lily Allen Unveils 8-Bit "L8 CMMR" Video for 'Girls' Soundtrack Song

Since announcing her return to music, Lily Allen has highlighted sexism in pop music on "Hard Out Here" and given a big "eff you" to her haters on "Air Balloon." Now, with her electro-pop jam "L8 CMMR," she offers an 8-bit visual inspired by classic arcade games. Oh, Lily, you're too good to us.

Go back to video games' simpler days with the lyric video that draws inspiration from arcade classics like Super Mario and Space Invaders. It's all soundtracked by a quirky, horn-driven production featuring an AutoTuned Allen singing aggressively romantic lyrics, "You can't have him, no way / He's taken, ladies / I got me his babies / Look at my ring / He's going nowhere til this fat lady sings."

"L8 CMMR" is one of the standout tracks—along with Miguel's sultry "Simplethings"—lifted off the second installment of the soundtrack to crazy-popular HBO show, Girls. Look out for the show creator and star Lena Dunham to cameo on the upcoming season of Billy on the Street