February 27, 2014


Linkin Park Look Back on First Video, First GRAMMY & More

In the latest episode of Fuse's new digital series Backatcha, Chester Bennington sat down with Fuse to look back on the first half of Linkin Park's career, from their debut music video to that incredible performance with Jay Z and Paul McCartney at the 2006 GRAMMYs.

"I never thought I'd work with Jay Z," Bennington says. "That was the greatest moment of my life, besides getting married and having children. To perform our own music with Jay and harmonize with Paul McCartney on 'Yesterday' was the biggest boner I've ever had." Strange, we don't remember that performance seeming wooden….

Bennington also tells Fuse about the curious circumstances that created Linkin Park's debut music video, "One Step Closer." 

"That was our first video. It was a very interesting experience. We didn’t yet have a permanent bass player and we were on tour. Joe [Hahn, the band's DJ] came up with the concept, and Gregory Dark was the director of that video. He normally directs porn. So that was an interesting combination."

To hear the Linkin Park singer remember how much trouble the band had figuring out what to wear to their first GRAMMYs ceremony—"we definitely felt like we didn't belong"—watch the full episode of Backatcha above.

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